Administrative Support to Those in Ministry

About Us

Consulting for Ministry and Church Formations

We make running your church or non-profit ministry easier.

Baumer-Ustica can help with the technical operations involved in starting a new work or making necessary changes for existing operations.

We specialize in obtaining tax exempt status for non-profit ministries and churches, as well as organizations desiring group exemption as a parent organization. We assist with preparing documents to:

  • Establish a church or ministry as a corporation in any state they are operating in
  • Establish the corporation's exemption with the Internal Revenue Service

Once a corporation is established, we also help with preparing the proper documents for corporate changes such as: 

  • Change of registered agent
  • Revisions of articles of incorporation or association
  • Amending bylaws

Services for Individuals Involved in Ministry
In addition to serving organizations, we also work with the individuals who are committed to God's work. Our services include:

  • Obtaining exception from self employment tax
  • Discussing the best use and authorization of housing allowances

Bookkeeping and Fund Management Services
As a whole service agency, Baumer-Ustica is available for other administrative tasks such as:

  • Processing incoming mail
  • Writing tax deductible receipts
  • Depositing funds

Retainer Service
For a monthly fee, we offer a retainer service that enables clients to write, call or fax to ask questions related to other administrative or corporate concerns.

Our Motivation: Love for God and for His Servants

The vision and goal of our staff are to build the local Church by encouraging and harnessing the full potential of hundreds of pastors and evangelists who have a full-time call of God on their lives to minister the Gospel.

We desire to relieve them of the time-consuming activities that hinder their ministry - to give them the encouragement, management support and advisory services that are necessary for a successful ministry.

Those of us on staff have been called of God to the administrative helps arena. We have been equipped by Him to serve those in ministry (1 Cor 12:28).

We feel that by joining our efforts in administration and detail to their evangelistic and leadership abilities, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ will be spread further and more effectively, changing the lives of a multitude of people whom would not have otherwise been reached.

Our History

Baumer-Ustica was founded by Jack Baumer more than 50 years ago. Baumer, a born-again Christian, was an ordained minister who spent 25 years working for the Internal Revenue Service. He also graduated from and served on the staff of Christ for the Nations Institute.

Baumer-Ustica continues to be a family-run business and is headquartered in the Dallas, Texas metro area.